An Organ Made of Stepper Motors

I recently learned from my friend, the unstoppable composer/instrument designer Koka Nikoladze, that one can use stepper motors to synthesize sound. This was the first time I so much as heard of stepper motors, but the concept fascinated me and I got very curious to hear what Koka's finished contraption would sound like, but more on that later.

In the meantime, coincidentally, I became wise to the fact that a creative genius by the name of Josh Sheldon engineered a whole organ with stepper motors for oscillators (sound generators)! Turns out that stepper motors have a pretty musical sound to them, even if they don't produce the cleanest of tones.

What's more, it's no less than deeply satisfying for a tech geek to be able to see the amount of physical labour and creative thought that went into Josh's invention, through his generous detailings of his process throughout the blog post. Not only is the organ a super cool musical object in itself, one stands to learn quite a bit from Josh's insights into his process (which took two months!) and even his design which he has graciously shared.

For someone with a strict software engineering background such as myself, it's quite inspiring to get a glimpse into an impressive physical engineering project like this and to learn of the skills required.

If all of this weren't enough to blow us away, Josh has gone ahead and made a MuzHack entry for his project to MuzHack! Cool!