Koka's Stepper Miniature

Intrepid composer and instrument designer extraordinaire Koka Nikoladze has in typical fashion gone ahead and made another simple, but oh so cool, musical invention: The Stepper Miniature. This instrument uses a stepper motor as a way to produce sound, by way of a contact microphone. As I alluded to in a previous post, I was blissfully ignorant of stepper motors until chatting with Koka as he was making this very instrument at the Bitraf makerspace in Oslo. Knowing Koka though, I was certain he would make great musical use of this technology and the end result is indeed impressive!

Koka's Stepper Miniature from nikoladze on Vimeo.

The instrument itself consists of a twelve-tone "screwboard" (as coined by Koka himself), a keyboard made of touch sensitive screws, in addition to the stepper motor itself and a contact mike to amplify the vibrations of the latter. Apparently various objects, such as springs, can be attached to the motor in order to produce even more alien sounds.

The Stepper Miniature should be very DIY-able, so here's hoping for designs being released at some point!