PatchCloud - An Online Synthesizer Patch Library

PatchCloud is a nothing short of awesome new project by Sylwester S. AKA Syso, one of the many forward thinking people hanging out at Fab Lab Berlin, an online service for owners of synthesizers to upload and share their patches! Bearing in mind it's still in beta, it's a highly impressive feat that Sylwester finished this version in only two weeks while also holding down a full time job.

An online library like this is so obviously needed, it's almost strange it hasn't cropped up before. Indeed, the idea even crossed my mind at some point, so obviously it must be good! ;) Apart from the aspect of generously sharing your patches with other people on the 'net, it's super useful to have a safe home for your patches independent of your synthesizers and your OS'es.

For added cool points, Sylwester has equipped PatchCloud with the ability to read patch data directly from your equipment via your computer's MIDI inputs. It can also upload patches back via MIDI out. Way to go!

While PatchCloud can really store any kind of patch data, it currently supports the following synthesizer models:

  • Alesis Andromeda
  • Audulus
  • Behringer DeepMind 12
  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi
  • Native Instruments Reaktor
  • Nord Lead 2
  • Nord Lead
  • Nord Modular G1
  • Nord Modular G2
  • Pure Data
  • Roland D50
  • Roland JD800
  • Roland JP8000
  • Yamaha DX7
  • Yamaha FB01
  • Yamaha TX81Z
  • Zephyr One

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on this exciting project!