Pladask Elektrisk Guitar Pedals

Pladask Elektrisk is a small, but interesting, guitar effect pedal manufacturer out of the rainy city of Bergen, Norway. Their pedals have a distinct DIY aesthetic to them and indeed it's possible to build Pladask pedals yourself, by joining one of their workshops.


As listed on their website, Pladask have at the time of writing 4 different pedals for sale (with different colour combinations):

Additionally, Pladask can apparently be tasked with custom designs if you have something unique in mind.

A guitar and bass demonstration of the the Gjengangar v2 gated delay pedal can be seen below:


This autumn, Pladask offers three workshops in the Norwegian cities of Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. 17th of September, 15th of October and 5th of November respectively. Apparently, you will get to make an unspecified model of delay pedal, which lets you control delay length, feedback, mix, volume and self modulation in addition to a switch for temporarily maximizing feedback(!).

So if you're handy with a soldering iron and happen to find yourself in one of the aforementioned cities at the right date, you know what to do!


Pladask have informed that they will give three additional workshops at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek on September 12th, October 10th and November 14th, where fuzz pedals are to be built!